The work of VES in Vietnam has been aided immensely by our collaboration with the East Meets West Foundation (now called Thrive Networks outside of Vietnam). EMW has an impressive track record of charitable work in Vietnam. It has built hospitals, schools, university dormitories and compassion homes throughout the country. EMW runs a large school scholarship program and a variety of medical and dental programs. East Meets West has supported VES financially, but its major contribution has been logistical.

East Meets West, through their Danang-based program manager Mr.Tung and contractor Mr. Anh, oversees all VES construction activity in the region. Mr. Anh secures appropriate building designs, reviews the sites, negotiates with contractors and oversees all stages of construction. Mr. Tung is VES's primary contact with EMW. His hard work and kind personality ensure that VES funds are spent properly and responsibly and that we are able to do the most with the money we raise. VES is incredibly grateful to work with such wonderful partners. Thank-you Mr. Anh and Mr. Tung! (VES would also like to acknowledge the earlier work and support of Mr. Ron Smith former Hanoi-based contractor for EMW. Thank-you Ron!)
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