Current Projects
Hoa Hong Kindergarten
Hoa Hoi Commune consists of seven hamlets spread over a relatively large area. Most people here work for the Peace Rubber Joint Stock company. This is seasonal work and wages vary with the price of rubber so living standards are very low. Many of the roads in the commune, particularly those around Hamlets #6 and #7, are narrow dirt roads in very poor condition. Hamlet #6 is has a population of 1,170 people living in 415 households.

At the moment, 76 children from six months to five years old attend the Hoa Hung Kindergarten - Branch #2 kindergarten. It is in very poor condition and has not been maintained or upgraded. There is little in the way of toilet facilities and no playground equipment or outside fence.
VES Commitment
A very generous donor, Ms. Carol Aziz, has agreed to fund construction of a new two classroom building, washrooms and storage space. The local community will build a new kitchen.
Huc Kindergarten
Huc Commune is made up of nine hamlets and a population of 3,687 people spread over a relatively large area. Over half of the population is classified as very poor. Residents primarily make their living from farming but the terrain is mountainous which makes agriculture challenging.

Huc Commune has had a main 3 room kindergarten since 2009 and over the past few years classrooms or temporary classrooms have been constructed in the various hamlets. Tra Rang hamlet has one temporary bamboo classroom for 47 three to five year olds. As the picture shows, the current classroom is neither sturdy nor safe.
Project Objectives
​VES plans to build Huc commune two new spacious kindergarten classrooms with fully functioning electricity and fans, washroom facilities and storage space.
VES Commitment
The Huc Kindergarten project is a sizeable one. Funds are currently being raised by VES. The children in this area need new and safe classrooms. This is a very urgent project.
Help Stop Human Trafficking
VES works with the Pacific Links Foundation, an organization dedicated to helping stop human trafficking along the border regions in Vietnam.

As Pacific Links describes the situation, "In these impoverished, remote, and porous regions that are plagued with high unemployment and limited economic opportunities, young girls and women face the highest risk of being trafficked for sexual and labor exploitation. ADAPT's unique and comprehensive program model includes prevention, reintegration and community awareness raising components."
Project Objectives
The Pacific Links Foundation's academic scholarship program keeps girls ages 11-18 in school and safe from human trafficking. Vocational scholarships are also offered. These programs enable young women and girls to "pursue an education, gain a trade and obtain jobs with livable wages," thereby decreasing their risk of being trafficked. A scholarship for one girl for a year is $300 and covers:
  • school supplies, school fees, mandatory insurance, books and uniforms
  • tutoring and/or + exam preparation (9th grade and 12th grade) expenses associated with students coming to events, teachers' conferences, family days, home visits
  • scholastic achievement prizes, incentives for girls to study harder and to stay in school, and graduation gifts
VES Commitment
VES provides 50 academic scholarships for at-risk girls ($10,000 per annum).

The Pacific Links Foundation also runs a summer camp for 750 at-risk girls (from economically disadvantaged backgrounds and living in areas with high incidences of human trafficking) to increase their access to education and understanding of the risks of trafficking. The camp focuses on life skills and gives the girls the opportunities to discuss topics like future job opportunities and reproductive health. It also builds a sense of community among the girls.

VES annually funds a significant portion of the costs of the camp.
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